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heightec RescuePack – Fall Arrest Rescue System

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Rescue system for recovery of suspended person by lowering/lifting.

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The RescuePack is the most simple yet versatile award winning self contained dedicated fall arrest rescue system available. Designed to recover a suspended person from almost any fall protection system by lowering or lifting.

RescuePack delivers a mechanical advantage for lifting of around 3:1 by the use of the stainless steel HURRICANE. Rope device can pay rope out but lock when a load is applied. Hook can attach to D ring or harness shoulder strap if needed.

Telescopic pole extends for 3.5 m to reach a casualty on an extended energy absorbing lanyard. The modified scaffold hook features a smooth modified gate profile to prevent snagging and ensures correct attachment to the casualty.

This fall arrest rescue system can be used in very constricted space and does not need anchor points to be placed in specific positions.

RescuePack contents include:

HURRICANE pulley mechanism can be placed on the rope at any point for recovery.

  • Unique, patented product available only from heightec.
  • Alloy locking pulley for reliability and durability.
  • Special cam X-Cam design is specifically for industrial or professional use and offers immediate purchase on the rope whilst minimising the potential for rope damage.
  • The simplicity and compactness of the HURRICANE compared with other traditional systems is a major advantage in allowing non-experts to achieve the lifting of a suspended casualty.
  • It is the only product to allow intuitive assembly of such a system. It can be attached at any point along the rope, even if it is loaded and the lifting system can be remote from the casualty, reducing the amount of rope required by 70%.

heightec’s advanced EGO rope access descender for ascent, descent, hauling & rescue.

The EGO offers all the functions for professional users, in an intuitive, easy to clean & maintain design.

Simple – all components are accessible for cleaning and inspection

Reliable – intuitive progressive secondary brake

Tough – designed for aggressive environments e.g. offshore blasting, geotechnical work

High load rated – 200 kg fully independent rescue device, no extra components needed for rescue.

The Rescue system also features the KARI 50.

Core Components:

Available in two lengths: 25 m and 50 m.