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heightec MICRON Descender

Micro-descender for self evacuation.

Ultra-compact self evacuation descender for descent, ascent and lowering.

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The MICRON descender allows a person to make a controlled descent from high level with unique, patented braking system with secondary panic lock.

It gives double action safety and fine control using pre-loaded, high strength, heat resistant Aramid cord. The 100% Aramid construction of MICRON cord gives increased performance at high temperatures over Aramid mixes. (Non-Aramid components melt sooner, leaving the cord with reduced strength).

Potential use by anyone who works at height, but perfect for the onshore and offshore wind industry.

Its compact small size (equivalent to 10 mm karabiner) provides full size functionality, is lightweight and easy to carry on the harness as part of the full evacuation system.

The MICRON descender is only available in the Micron Evacuation System (D33***). Small and light, the system can be carried at all times and can be used for descent or to lower or raise a casualty.

Pre-threaded, complete with attachment karabiners and prompt sheet. Packed and sealed in durable storage bag