heightec Lifting and Lowering Kit 50m

Basic kit for hauling and lowering by hand. Can be used for raising, lowering or positioning loads.

Mer info

The lifting and lowering kit is designed to lift small loads and is ideally suited to the renewables, construction and telecoms industries.

The lifting and lowering kit comes complete with:

  • TORNADO lifting device
  • 11 mm diameter rope with sewn terminations for safety & strength
  • Double locking large hook for ease of load attachment
  • Durable, load rated 30L KARI transport bag with shoulder straps and roll top closure. (WLL 18kg)
  • 60cm protected sling
  • CONTRACT Screwgate steel oval karabiner to attach to anchor points

TORNADO lifting device functions as a pulley when lifting for minimum friction. Provides friction for controlled lowering, simply tilt the device to lower. Locks if released when lifting or lowering.