10m, 18m, 25m

heightec LASER horizontal anchor line, temporary

Tensioned horizontal 13mm rope provides a temporary anchor point for two people.

Mer info

LASER horizontal anchor line, simple to install and can be easily adjusted and released.

Approved for up to 18m span with no intermediate anchor points required.

Certified for use by two users simultaneously, even in fall arrest.

Suitable for restraint or fall arrest.

Adjusted & tensioned by hand, The adjuster will not damage the rope even after a two person fall arrest impact.

Designed to dissipate the energy from a fall with no damage to rope or adjuster.

If access is required over a large area then a horizontal line could be used to improve safety and efficiency. A PIRANHA adjuster device can be attached to the Laser allowing independent adjustment of the users position in two perpendicular directions.

Lengths available: 10m, 18m, 25m.

NB: Span lengths above 18m use for restraint only.