heightec CASCADE edge protector

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Ideal for multiple ropes and square edges.

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This CASCADE Edge Protector is made with durable stainless steel construction, which helps to provide corrosion resistance, while users are working in adverse weather conditions.

Suitable for a range of different situations, including:

  • Brick, concrete – buildings & walls
  • Metal – hatches, walkways
  • GRP – WTG Nacelle

Attachment lanyard with adjuster for simple, quick attachment to desired structures.

Asymmetric shape and design of the edge protector enables increased stability when in use.

3 stainless steel guides hold ropes in position and keep twin ropes separate. Security cord can be used to help keep ropes within the guides if necessary.

Rounded edge profile reduces friction when hauling or lowering.

This edge protector can accommodate a variety of rope diameters, including: 10.5 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm.

Base plate sizes:
Width 125 mm
Length 150 mm
Depth 100 mm

Rope guides 30 mm apart