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Courant Rebel 11 mm

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Because of the durable, low stretch and flexible hybrid rope construction the Rebel is a great choice for high altitude rope access work. Availablein multiple colours and certified for compatibility with all modern mech-anical devices on the market. A new standard for efficient ascending, precise work positioning and excellent control when rapelling down.

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Technical specifications

  • Materials / construction: 32-strand Polyestersheath with X-Braid Polyamide core
  • Static resistance: 33kN
  • Resistance with figure of 8 knot: 23kN
  • Mass per meter: 88gram
  • Sheath percentage: 41%
  • Sheath slippage: 0%
  • Elongation 50/150Kg: 2.5%
  • Knotability: 1.18
  • Retraction with water: 2.2%
  • Maximum lifespan: 10 years undernormal working conditions

Key features

  • Very low stretch
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Heat treated for extra stability
  • Exciting colour combinations
  • Retains it’s flexibility over time