CMC Arizona Vortex Bag Set

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Designed for ultimate accessibility and quick access, our new Arizona Vortex Bag System is extremely rugged and able to be carried on the back into the wilderness or in an industrial environment. Made of durable nylon, they feature extra protection in high-wear places for exceptional longevity. Recent improvements to the Vortex Bag System allow a single rope technician to carry the entire Vortex Kit using our RigTech Pack™ and 2 redesigned Leg Bags.

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The RigTech Pack™ features end-to-end-zippers for full-length flat opening. There is plenty of space and protective padding to securely cradle the two head components and foot sets. The dual side pockets easily fit the pin set bag, 40-foot 8mm tether cord, and Vortex Hobble Straps. The top pocket is ideal for the Vortex User Manual or other items, and additional internal pockets can fit pulleys, carabiners, and hardware.

The two leg bags feature carry handles and an adjustable padded shoulder sling for easy transport. End-to-end zippers for full-length opening either direction provide easy access, and the oversize bags can carry more leg sections than the previous design, allowing a single person to carry the entire Vortex. Two internal padded dividers allow for separated protection of the legs. Compression straps around the girth of the bag cinch tight to keep gear snugly in place.

Each of the two newly designed padded foot sleeves nest inside the RigTech Pack and fasten securely to hold three foot components, either flat or raptor style. This facilitates a quick change of feet, so that carrying both sets is not necessary.

The Arizona Vortex Bag System is included with the full Arizona Vortex Kit. Purchase this Arizona Vortex Bag System if you need to renew or replace your current set.